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The Real Me Workshop

The real Me Workshop pack

"How To Increase Your Child’s Self Esteem” - Ages 8-12

practical fun and interactive workshop to increase self-esteem in children created after interactive presentations with over 1600 children.

This workshop takes children on a wonderful but fun journey to discover and value all their natural gifts and talents as their power to achieve - to learn to believe in themselves! One golden rule- only positive stuff!!

Your children will be explorers and by the end of the Workshop they will have;

  • Designed and made up their own magic sunglasses from templates
  • Investigated what they like doing and why
  • Identified what they are good at
  • Discovered what makes them and others good friends
  • Discussed what qualities are important and why
  • Explored what they like about themselves –including body, mind and thoughts, etc.,
  • Enjoyed their individuality – eg style, nicknames
  • Valued other good stuff about them – being a loving brother, church goer, football supporter, etc
  • Completed their own personal Magic Sunglasses ID card* to keep by them to remind themselves always about how valuable and great they are!!
  • The ID card is a summary of all the positive information they have discovered during the workshop and comes with a 3 point daily plan or “armour” (like warriors) to keep feeling good in everyday life. I suggest they keep their card in a little plastic wallet


Workshop Features & Benefits – How the Real Me Workshop helps your child increase self esteem

  • Helps increase self-esteem naturally and comfortably – also fun and easy to do
  • Flexible - Do it your own way at your own pace – but possible to complete in just 2 hours
  • Flexible - The programme can be adapted to suit most needs
  • Flexible - Can be updated and added to at any time after the workshop is first completed *applies to CD/DVD and Deluxe hard copy versions
  • Allows for the individuality of each child
  • Includes diversity - It promotes self-respect and validation but also respect for others – we are all different and all of equal value in different ways
  • Practical – helps children develop a more comprehensive and useful idea of their identity - who they are, and so their potential to achieve
  • Practical – Increasing self-esteem, helps provide a solid base for happier more confident teenage years and dealing with social problems of bullying, drugs, pregnancy and crime
  • It promotes discussion of many aspects of personal, social and emotional development
  • Supports and facilitates what teachers and parents are working to achieve with children in their care – Providing an effective channel of communication between them
  • Can provide a real support when children move from Junior to senior school
  • Can help provide additional support and stability if parents split up – children need to at least feel a solid good about who they are

*also available for groups



What our Kids say:

  • "When I looked back at the sheets, we did I saw the REAL ME! And I felt very proud of myself" - Marta, age 9
  • "I discovered things about myself I didn’t know" - Conor, age 10
  • “It taught me who I am” - Zak, age 11
  • “I really enjoyed learning more about myself and who I am” - Katrina, age 12
  • “I didn’t think very much of myself but now I realise there is a lot of good stuff about me – My favourite part was asking my friends why I am a good friend" – Catherine, age 9
  • "I liked the bit when you had to illustrate what you wanted to be when your older" – Muhammed, age 10
  • "It showed that I am good at something" – Kiya, age 10
  • "It (the workshop) explains how to do it" – Tayla, age 9
  • "It cheers you up- lots - I liked the singing" – William, age 10
  • "How she explained everything was very clear" - Elliot, age 9
  • “I liked making the ID and sunglasses and the bit about my body” - Holly, age 10
  • "It's great fun to do" - Caine, age 9

What our Parents say:

  • "A Unique idea – at last something that also encourages the shy child" – Nancy Burt
  • "Very interactive – engages children – helps them think longer-term goals" – Tahir Sharif
  • "Great idea about getting kids thinking about what they do well" – June Stewart
  • "Raising self-belief will help to build self-worth" - Candice
  • "Gets children to become aware of and value qualities they didn’t know they had" – Sue Busser
  • "Should be a regular session - perhaps every 6 months to reinforce the message" - Tahir Sharif
  • "Would also be ideal in a school environment" – Nancy Burt
  • "Would be nice to have a session for older children" – June Stewart
  • "The Real Me workshop can help primary age children increase their self-esteem - It is in line with the much of the PSHE curriculum and considers self-worth and goals" – Lee Murphy, class teacher for The Oratory Primary