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Hear Why The Book Was Written

Hi My name is Auriel Blanche,

The Magic Sunglasses is a book I first wrote for one of my lovely nieces over 24 years ago when she was about 12 and not feeling very confident or good about herself. The story seemed to help her and has helped many other children since learn how to feel really great about themselves.

The Magic Sunglasses tells the story of a shy young girl called Samantha of about 12yrs old. Samantha had a big dream of things she wanted to do – Samantha dared to dream that she too could be successful, even though her family didn’t support her and she was just an ordinary young girl. But how can she make her dream come true?

One day she finds some Magic Sunglasses on a local market stall. Now these are no ordinary sunglasses – they have a strange and marvellous power which support and guide Samantha to discover what you can do if you learn to believe in yourself.

Listen to a sample of the book below

After a series of crazy and exciting adventures which help her in her quest, Samantha realises that she doesn’t need the Magic Sunglasses any more –because she has discovered her inner strength - that the power to succeed was always within her – as it is for everybody including the readers of this book!



What our Kids say:

  • “The book makes you feel good about yourself” - Ben 10
  • “It makes kids feel they have their own world and can solve their problems” - Sarah, age 11
  • “Kids will know, just because people don’t encourage them or they are shy they can still be amazing!!” - Sophia, age 9
  • “It makes people feel more confident and braver in what they want to do” - Tobias, age 11
  • "You never give up and you just believe in yourself” - George, age 10
  • “It makes children love their own special value and work hard to become who they want to be” - Saeda, age 11
  • “Reading the book tells children what to do to feel good about themselves” - Sath, age 10

What our Parents/Teachers say:

  • "We need more books like this. Books that encourage children to believe in themselves and cultivate internal self-worth that isn't dependent on them looking, speaking, thinking or acting in the same way as everyone else." - Andy Greenhill, Kids Coach
  • “It promotes self-worth, encouraging children to look for what they are good at - even as an adult I need reminding of my self-worth” - Ms Kafui, teacher
  • "My daughter loved this book - it has helped her with her self-esteem – my children respond more when presented to them like this (in a story book) – fantastic book!" - Lucy coward, parent
  • “Empowers children to recognise their own strengths – encourages self-esteem to be raised – useful to explore feelings!” - Debbie Stockwell, learning mentor
  • “It is really friendly and thought-provoking enabling children to relate to characters of similar age and experience – recommended to share with their brothers and sisters” - Kirsten Tootell, teacher
  • “Great for self-esteem and raising confidence in children and for sharing feelings children may not feel confident in sharing” – Emma Thompson, teacher
  • “It has helped my daughter realise that she needs to believe in herself and her own values …” - Claire Edet, parent and teacher


Benefits and Features – How Does The Magic Sunglasses Book Help Your Child?

  • Kids find it easier to accept ideas in story format
  • A great and fun read for both girls and boys
  • Also available in audio and e-book for iPad, Kindle or Android tablets
  • Kids and parents love it – see great testimonials below
  • Kids identify with the characters
  • Entertains and stimulates kids to think
  • Promotes positive self-awareness
  • Provides the ideal introduction for The Real Me Self Esteem Workshop for Children
  • Ideal introduction for The Real Me Workshop