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The Magic Sunglasses creator, Auriel BlancheAuriel Blanche is the author of “the Magic Sunglasses Series” and creator of "The Magic Sunglasses Programme " for helping children develop real self-esteem.

Auriel originally wrote The Magic Sunglasses for one of her lovely nieces who was 12 at the time and the basic concept was discovering your inner strength – The Magic Sunglasses is a metaphor for being able to “look inside yourself” and discover who you truly are.

Auriel realized that reinforcing a good image and developing self-confidence for children were important and often overlooked areas - challenging to address – sometimes a fun story can get the message across more effectively.

Samantha, the main character in the book is a shy young girl who dares to dream that she too can be successful – that she too can spend her life doing what she loves, just like the stars she sees on TV. (remember I wrote this over 24 years ago and no x factor then but my niece loved acting)

Samantha then finds the Magic Sunglasses on a stall at the Saturday market– wonderful crazy glasses with a strange and marvellous power. After many amazing adventures, while all the time being guided and supported by the power of the Magic Sunglasses, Samantha realises that she doesn’t need the Sunglasses anymore, as she has learnt to develop and rely on the special power within herself. It is time to pass them on now – so they can help someone else with a special dream – perhaps someone like you?

Probably due to her horticultural background, Auriel likes practical solutions that can easily be applied in everyday life. So, it is all very well having a story with a great concept but how do you make use of this for yourself?

A simple but fun interactive workshop perhaps with easy to do instructions? Over the years many children had enjoyed and been inspired by this simple storybook, but now we needed to get out there and get specific feedback from today's kids to create the most useful workshop for them we could.

Over a two-year period, we gave interactive presentations on the book and concept to over 1700 primary age kids in libraries, schools and bookshops and collected a wonderful variety of feedback for our research. We then created the Real Me Workshop – Creating your Magic Sunglasses ID and trialled this with school and private groups. The resulting home pack for parents to enjoy with their children is now available from the Magic Sunglasses Website. We are working with teachers and coaches to finalise a version for larger groups. We have also started working on creating the sequel to the first Real Me Workshop and a Magic Sunglasses interactive Theatre Workshop as acting out scenarios is fun and a great confidence builder

Auriel Blanche (aka Angela Auriel Buck) trained as a teacher at Exeter University, after completing her BSc in Horticulture at London University. She taught and worked in central Africa on a UN project in food production. She completed work for a PhD with London University, working in Malawi on tomatoes – one of the main staples in local diet there.

Angela lives in South West London and has one daughter Arabella. She has a property portfolio she built over the last six years and works out at Tooting gym 3-4 times per week. Her interests include meeting and learning about people, helping to support self-sufficiency in the most practical terms, dancing, music, good food, fashion, travel and keeping fit. And of course, her lovely friends and family!

Angela’s career has been varied and exciting – working in publishing, running her own pearl jewellery business in Hatton Garden and launching a leisurewear company, AB Leisurewear, developing her own designs and a full range of lifestyle characters, based on her own original creations.

Other projects still to be developed are The Magic Sunglasses Ancestors, Matthew and the Amazing Magic Toybox (4-8 years), and Honeybuns' World for 3-6 years. This latter is a completely interactive multi-racial and international project Auriel researched the project with local nurseries and primary schools on Honeybuns' World to create material many teachers found to be fun for the children and suitable for inclusion in a national educational curriculum.

However, all focus now is on getting the Magic Sunglasses Programme out to as many kids as possible so they can use the simple principles to feel of value and live satisfying lives. We would love to hear from any parents, teachers, coaches and of course children who would like to work with us to this end.


Auriel Blanche