Auriel Blanche

Creator of The Magic Sunglasses

“Self Esteem Programme for Children”


Auriel is a parent and ex-teacher.  


Auriel worked with over 1600 children and with teachers and parents  to create the Magic Sunglasses the Real Me Workshop


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Helping children to become aware of the value of their own unique natural gifts & talents can very quickly make a difference to their level of self-esteem, quickly transforming them into happier, more confident kids.


You can help your child increase their self esteem RIGHT NOW


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Top Tip For Bringing Up Happy Confident Children


Bringing up happy confident children must surely be most parents dream but how easy is it to achieve?  We want our children to be happy and feel good about themselves but ultimately we can’t live their lives for them and the best we can do is to help them learn how to cope with life and learn how to be responsible for themselves.


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How Can We Boost Childrens Body Self Confidence


Most kids even from an early age have always enjoyed  dressing up or aspiring to look like various role models from fictional characters to sportsmen, and other colourful characters of their  time. But never before have so many children  bothered so much, and  particularly from an early age about  attaining a perfect body image.  Nowadays with our celebrity culture, body image and appearance seems key for kids to feel real self value.  What can we do to help kids feel that that value is more than skin deep?


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How to protect your child from bullying at school – Tips for parents of bullies


Helping parents of  bullies might be the last thing on or your mind if your child is currently being bullied but what happens if you discover to your horror that it seems to be your child who is doing the bullying?  Why, you might ask yourself – whatever did we do wrong for this to happen.

Well don’t despair …help and understanding is at hand in an article from  The Huffington Post as documented by  Mary Pulido’s excellent observations about bullying among children…


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