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The Real Me Theme Song with Karaoke Version (MP3 Download) image
  • The Real Me Theme Song with Karaoke Version (MP3 Download)

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"The Real Me" is a joyous celebration song for the children who have now become aware of all their wonderful natural gifts and talents and realise their real potential. They have discovered their 'REAL ME'

“it’s what’s inside that makes us free - I’m Happy – I’m Happy.. It’s The REAL Me"

"This is the new me and its here to stay!"

This Karaoke version – provides the lyrics and accompaniment so children can record their own version or else children can compose their own lyrics to reflect their special feelings of success, pride and jubilation!


  • Record your own version
  • Record as a whole class - "lets sing it together because together we're strong!
  • Lets get kids round the world to get together and record their versions


A quote from Leslie Chester who wrote the lyrics and has been involved with the Magic Sunglasses for several years. "This is also a song to inspire those children who are still on their journey of self discovery, who will soon realise that their strength comes from within!"