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Building self confidence in children. Do positive parents produce balanced confident kids?

Building self confidence in children. Do positive parents produce balanced confident kids?

Thursday, March 31, 2016
Even when children are young they develop confidence by achieving things for themselves and also getting valued for so doing, from the satisfaction of their first steps to more and more ambitious things – learning skills in all areas of life right through to getting out into the world, earning an income and becoming self sufficient. Small steps and building on achievement leads the way to solid self confidence and practical but relaxed parental support can make all the difference here in building confidence in children. This article on Lemonade Day by Diana Holman in Fox News shows how a refreshing glass of lemonade can achieve much more - and longterm - than just quenching your thirst:
Lemonade Day was inspired by a little girl in Houston who asked her dad if she could buy a turtle. Instead of having the father buy her the pet, the daughter suggested setting up a lemonade stand to raise the money. Over five years later, Lemonade Day has spread not only to Lubbock but across the country as well. Noeila Cavazos, a first customer for a Leftwich Park stand, said although Lemonade Day officially came along long after her childhood days, the concept has been around forever. "When I was little my daddy was a farmer," Cavazos said. "Dad would say you need to learn to earn money. You need to work for it.  So we sold lemonade from a little table, a little lemonade stand, and it was 25 cents. That helped me to learn how to spend my money wisely. Dad always said if you don't have the money then don't buy it." Parents like Lisa Vaughn & Jill Trent worked hard with their children to map out a successful business plan and to make this experience one that the kids would...

To read this article in full please click here - (article opens in a new tab)... The ongoing popularity and the spread of Lemonade Day shows just how successful and fun joint parent-kid initiatives can be in starting to  provide  a solid grounding in practical life skills.   School and college leavers need to have built up a range of skills and experience, ongoing  from an early age to be well prepared  to maximise on life and career opportunities  and need guidance  to develop an appropriate  attitude to work. With the right parental support here confident kids are more likely to develop into confident adults ready and happy to succeed in life.  Building self confidence in kids from an early age is all important.  

Picture credit to USAG Humphreys of Flickr

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